A chronological compilation of (what I hope are) interesting writings. Note – this compilation excludes all my creative fiction writings.


  • “Chief Justice John Roberts is a Robot.” Ian Kerr and Carissima Mathen (April 2014)

    (pdf: here)

  • “Proxy Prudence – Rethinking Models of Responsibility for Semi-Autonomous Robots.” Jason Millar (March 2014)

    (pdf: here)

  • “Robotics and the New Cyberlaw.” Ryan Calo (February 2014)

    (pdf: here)

  • “Patentability of Genes in Canada” (November 2014)

    Research paper drafted for Industry Canada Patent Policy

    (pdf: here)

  • “Recent FDA Medical Device Regulation and its Relevance to Robotics” (27 January 2014)

    Contribution to the Tech Policy Lab of the University of Washington.

    (link: here)

  • “Dick’s Choice: A Tale of Digital Hearts” (18 December 2014)

    Podcast on robotic medical devices.

    (link: here)

  • Contributing student to The Laws of Robotics 2013 Blog

    “RE: Regulation of Automated Vehicles with Human Override (27 November 2013)

    Engineering Robot Servitude: the White Man’s Burden 2.0” (6 November 2013)

    “The Hole in the Doughnut – Materializing the Missing Masses of Judicial Discretion” (23 October 2013)

    “The Search for ‘Perfect’” (25 September 2013)

    Interview with CMU Robotics Institute Graduate Students” (18 September 2013)

    “Enter the Cyborg” (11 September 2013)

  • “W-2012/12: Preliminary Analysis of Water Security in the Mekong River Basin.” (August 2012)

    UNU-CRIS Working Paper.

    (link: here)

  • “ASEAN Turns 45: Economic Integration.” UNU-CRIS Policy Brief 2: ASEAN Turns 45 (July 2012)

    Co-author with Stephen Kingah.

    (link: here)

  • “Atomic Emission Spectroscopy: Experimental Result Presentation.” (March 2012)

    (ppt: here)

  • “De Madrid al Cielo: A Case Study of NO2 Tropospheric Pollution Levels in Madrid, Spain during the February 2011 Crisis.” (December 2011)

    (pdf: here)

  • “Greening the European Union: A Study of the Changing Force of Environmental Policy in the European Union.” (September 2010)

    (pdf: here)

  • “Air Pollution: A Chemical Perspective.” (June 2010)

    Presentation made to Sustainable Development Observatory, EESC.

    (ppt: here)