I write, I swim. I love to read. I talk, I think, I’m always asking questions. I enjoy a cup of dark coffee, and love tea. The world is too small and yet so wonderfully big at the same time. I seek Truth, Beauty, and adventure.

By formation, I studied chemistry and mathematics, which led me (more logically than it might seem at first glance) to my present capacity: law school and Canadian bar exams done, articling in the UN  while taking on the fabled New York bar.

The Ratio in the Obiter is my current project, the virtual hilltop on which I write, muse, question, wonder and dream. Inevitably, these reflections will be peppered with legal commentary, and most questions will remain unanswered. To be explored: the frontier of law, the way we live now, our humanity.

For something a bit different, try my online comic: Robin, Who Wears a Hood.

Have a question? Un commentaire? A lo mejor una idea que compartir? 你知道一个很好的笑话吗? Leave a message below (EN/FR/ES/CH).

Doodle - Icarus Fall - 30xi2013

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